About Me

I’m Sarah Dymond and I am originally from Baltimore, MD. I discovered yoga after a friend invited me to a class when I lived in the New York City area in 2005. I kept practicing because that first day I moved my body in ways I had never moved before–stretched, strengthened, twisted and balanced all at the same time while focusing on breathing and how I truly felt in each pose–very different than the aerobics classes I was used to at the gym. It was more laid back, personal, introspective, and especially humorous.

I was inspired to teach after practicing for 5 years, simply because I want everyone to feel the same way I do when I practice. But also because, being an introvert, I ached to have my voice heard even though it scared me to death. I teach an empowering Vinyasa style with unique sequencing, because I love the creativity it has allowed me to unveil and play around with.

My hope for my students is that they feel or experience a new sensation, emotion, awakening, transition, or pose in my classes–and that they want to come back. I am forever grateful to my many teachers, but especially Heather Grisco and Julie Wieland, who have infiltrated my brain with knowledge and swapped out my doubts for confidence.

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